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Consulting Services

Altair consultants have wide ranging skills related to IT infrastructure and business systems. Our consultants will work with you to understand your needs, and identify the most suitable solutions.

As your business needs and technology changes result in new opportunities, we will continue to work with you to ensure that your use of technology remains optimal.

IT Strategic Planning

In order to ensure that you maximise the benefit from information technology, it is important that your systems, and support structures for those systems are appropriate for your current and future needs.

We will work with you to ensure that we understand where your business is heading, and develop an IT plan that will assist you in getting there.

Business Analysis

After ensuring that we thoroughly understand your business needs, we will prepare options for you to meet those needs, whether that involves packaged solutions, custom developments, or simply modifications and refinements to your existing systems and processes.

Application Design

In situations where custom developments are required, we have the skills to design systems that are appropriate for your business needs, and integrated with your existing systems and processes.

Network Review/Design

To ensure that your systems are fast, secure, reliable, cost effective, it is important that all of the components of your network have been designed and implemented in an appropriate manner.

Our consultants will review all the components of your network (servers, PC's, communications links etc.) and document where you are at, where we think you should be, and a practical plan for how to get there.

Security Review/Design

As businesses become more dependent on their IT systems, and their use of the Internet grows, so to does the need to protect your systems and data. The cost of protection does not need to be prohibitive, however the lack of protection can be devastating.

Our consultants will review your systems, and after identifying the areas of risk provide sensible recommendations to address those risks.

Disaster Recovery Planning

A disaster isn't always as dramatic as an earthquake, a simple accident that damages a critical server can be catastrophic if you find that your backups have not been working, and vital data is lost. We will assess the systems that your business is dependent on and develop a plan to ensure that you can recover your systems and data within the timeframe that your business needs.